To play great tracks, you have two ways to listen.

iOS App 

Using MDBX on the iOS app.

  • Open MDBX.
  • Check out the featured tracks.
  • Discover tracks by Theme
  • Listen to tracks by a specific Coach
  • Uncover collections of tracks in Playlists.
  • Use Search to find what you want. 

Play any one of these ways. 

  • Click the orange Play button on a track below the title and description.
  • Click the orange Play Playlist button on a Playlist to play that specific Playlist
  • Click the orange Play Coach button on a coaches profile to play all the tracks by that coach.
  • Click the Play icon in the play bar and click again to pause.

Control your listening

After you start playing tracks, control it with the bar at the bottom of the app. On mobile devices, tap it for a bigger view and more controls.

  • Play / Pause / Stop.  Click the Play icon play the track.  Click again to Pause. Click the X icon to stop the track.
  • Previous / Skip.  For Playlists and Coaches, use the Previous/Skip icons to go to the next / previous track.
  • Shuffle.  Use the Shuffle icon to randomize the tracks in a Playlist or Coach.
  • Loop.  Use the Loop icon to repeat track, coach or playlist.
  • Favorite. Use the favorite icon to save the track into Favorites within Profile.
  • Share.  Use the Share icon to share a track, playlist or coach with your friends and family.

Tip: Playing options vary depending on the device and what’s playing.

Android App

Content coming soon.

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